Youth Protection Training

All Pacific Crest staff — paid and volunteer — are to complete a youth protection training course before starting work with Pacific Crest and every two years during their tenure with us.

If you completed a youth protection or improper sexual conduct training for another organization (within the last two years), simply email the certificate to There is no need to do anything else.

Otherwise, you should complete the Boy Scouts Youth Protection Training 2.0 online course. Plan on 90 minutes to complete the four modules of the course. (See link to instructions below.)

1. Overview and Policies
2. Sexual Abuse
3. Bullying
4. YPT Certification Test

After you complete the final module with a passing grade, you will receive a certificate of completion. Please email the PDF of that certificate to

While the Boy Scouts YPT 2.0 training refers to Boy Scout programs, the content is transferrable to our program. In fact the Boy Scouts have made their training available to anyone — from any youth organization — who wants to complete it.

Link: Youth Protection Training Instructions