A Change In Corps Management

Corps Manager David Pham has resigned after serving in that position for two years. David has been a member of Pacific Crest’s staff since 2006, and has served as visual instructor, Tour Director, and Corps Manager. He performed with Pacific Crest from 2002 – 2005 in the tuba section.
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Schools and Cities Represented

Pacific Crest’s 2013 members included 154 students from 92 colleges, universities, and high schools. The corps represented 94 cities, including a handful of out-of-state students representing 7 states and Japan.

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John Meehan to Lead Musical Design for 2014

Program Coordinator Mark Gunderson has tapped John Meehan to lead the design of the musical production for the 2014 season. [Read more…]

Pacific Crest Performs at Hollywood Bowl – August 16 and 17

Pacific Crest and Santa Clara Vanguard will perform in concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17. [Read more…]

Pacific Crest to Appear in DCI Cinema Event

For the first time, Pacific Crest’s entire DCI Prelims performance will be included in DCI’s Big, Loud, & Live, which will be screened in more than 600 theaters nationwide in front of 40,000 people!

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Mail Drops on Tour

There are three opportunities to send care packages and letters to members and staff of Pacific Crest during the national tour. We are setting up general delivery “mail drop” sites at two cities. When your mail arrives at these post offices, they will hold them until our support staff retrieves them when we arrive into town.

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