Final Week to Pre-Register for December Camps

Pre-registration for Pacific Crest’s December Camps ends Thursday, December 5th. If you don’t pre-register, plan to register at the door when you arrive. Be sure to arrive before 8 am to allow adequate time to complete the registration process.

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2014 Percussion Staff Announced

Pacific Crest is pleased to introduce its staff of percussion educators for the 2014 season. Caption Head Andy Bill has reorganized the staff to create a more effective environment for superior achievement. With Tom Aungst returning as an adviser to the staff, the 2014 percussion program is prepared to continue its forward trajectory. [Read more…]

2014 Fees Posted

The fees for the 2014 season have been posted under the Join Pacific Crest tab. The calendar is also updated showing the preseason training camps and summer tours.

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2014 Visual Staff Announced

Pacific Crest introduces its visual staff for the 2014 season. Caption Supervisor Matt Lackey and Caption Head Bill Fritz have put together a team of educators who care committed to the member experience at Pacific Crest, and excited to be working alongside DCI Hall of Fame member, Todd Ryan. [Read more…]

Looking for $7,500

In November 2011, Pacific Crest embarked on massive project to replace all of its musical instruments. The organization signed an endorsement agreement with KHS (Jupiter Brass, Mapex Drums, and Majestic Percussion), and kicked off our fundraising campaign with a $25,000 gift from an anonymous supporter. We then placed an order for more than 105 instruments.

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Accepting Applications for the 2014 Season

Are you interested in performing with Pacific Crest in 2014? Now’s your chance to take advantage of an awesome and mind blowing experience that will change your life! If you thought watching the show was amazing, imagine what it’s like to perform in it.

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