Narrissa Sneed

Photo_SneedNarrissa (1)Narrissa Sneed
Color Guard Instructor

NARRISSA SNEED is from Leesburg, Georgia, where she attended Lee County High School. She went on to attend Valdosta State University

Her performance experience includes Spirit of Atlanta (2013-2014), Spirit of Atlanta Winter Guard (2014), and Paramount World Winter Guard (2015-2016)

She has taught at Lowndes High School and Spirit of Atlanta.

Remembering Martin Rochford

Photo_RochfordMartinPacific Crest has lost its founding Board Member, Dr. Martin Rochford, who passed away earlier this week after a battling a long illness.

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Performer Profile: Nurah Holloway

nurah-Holloway-mprofile2Nurah Holloway’s first season with Pacific Crest was 2015. She is returning in 2016 as a member of the color guard.

Tell us about your background and family.
I am from San Diego, CA. I am the middle of 5 with an older sister and brother and younger brother and sister.

What brought you to Pacific Crest?
By the time I joined PC, I had completed all four years of high school color guard, and two seasons of winter guard. I have friends who had marched PC, and they all recommended that I audition here. I am very glad I did.

How did the Pacific Crest experience impact your life?
I tell my friends who are not involved in corps that I think about performing on a daily basis. Performing with PC has given me a motivation to do every-day activities. I think back to the toughest moments and say to myself, “If I pushed through the toughest days on tour, I can push through this!” The best part about PC is being on the field performing with people who are not only my teammates but who are now my family.

How do you think Pacific Crest will affect your future goals and plans?
I am a high school color guard instructor. I feel like I have become a better teacher. I also feel like the PC has given me a new network to connect with fellow colleagues.

Is there anything else you want to say about yourself, your life, the people who have most influenced and inspired you?
I am sadly an age-out this year. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for supporting me through all my years spinning. I would also like to thank my high school coaches, the Barton’s, and anyone who has ever taught me in the past. Thank you Pacific Crest for giving me this opportunity!

Is there something you’d like others to know about Pacific Crest?
The environment at PC is amazing and full of growth. I am very excited to age out with Pacific Crest!

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Report is now online. It highlights Pacific Crest’s accomplishments of the past year.

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Annual Report – 2015

Color Guard Auditions Continue at April Camp

The April Camp is fast approaching, serving as our traditional second round of color guard auditions.

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