(As of 9/26/2018)

2019 Administrative Team
Stuart Pompel, Executive Director
Edward Martin, Operations Manager
Jenifer Guldner, Business Manager
Chris Henderson, Drum Corps Manager

2019 Design Team
Glen Crosby, Program Coordinator and Director of Percussion
Steven Estudillo, Creative Director and Visual Designer
Jonathan Zuniga, Music Director and Front Ensemble/Electronics Arranger
Ben Contreras, Visual Coordinator
Brad Green, Brass Arranger and Supervisor
Ezekiel Lanser, Battery Arranger and Composer

2019 Brass Instructional Staff
Brad Green, Brass Arranger and Supervisor
Sean Phelan, Caption Head
Andy Smart, Consultant
Scott Oliver, Consultant
Alex Brough, Consultant
Jay Hagy, Consultant
Sean Conway, Instructor
Jonathan Probst, Instructor
Nathan Pratt, Instructor
DJ Landoll, Instructor
Dan Blevins, Instructor
Zach Sheller, Instructor
Gabriel Gounaris, Instructor
Armando Luis Duenas, Instructor
Noah Oliver, Intern
Derek Fritz, Intern

2019 Percussion Instructional Staff
Glen Crosby, Program Coordinator and Director of Percussion
Brianne Kikuchi, Co-Caption Head
Nathan Carroll, Co-Caption Head
Others TBA

2019 Color Guard Instructional Staff
Gabe Escobedo, Caption Head
Others TBA

2019 Visual Instructional Staff
Rudy Ruiz, Caption Head

Others TBA

Health Team
Jim Olea, Health Team Coordinator, EMT
Dr. Janet Konecne, Advisory Committee, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Dr. Clark Cantrell, MD
Jenna Elizabeth Carsello, EMT
Katie Fundora, EMT
Ericka Krefting, RN
Kailee Kruse, RN, EMT
Dr. Jacob J. Levy, PhD
Cambria “Cami” McCallum, RN, ATC
Chase Paulson, ATC
Veronica Ross, RN
Alejandro Villasenor, EMT/Paramedic
Dr. Tom Freeman, Podiatry Consultant
Helen Turner, RN Consultant

Thanks to our partnership with West Coast University, our winter and spring training camps are staffed by their nursing and physical therapy students.

Instructional Support
Mark Kveton, Student Leadership Coach

Website Design/Hosting/Site Administration
John Donovan – DCP Partners, LLC