Vince Gardner

Vince Gardner
Bass Drum Instructor

VINCE GARDNER was inspired by the drum and bugle corps activity as a high school student in 1987. He performed with the Kingsmen (1988, 1989), Velvet Knights (1990), Santa Clara Vanguard (1991, 1992), and DCI Champion Cadets of Bergen County in 1993, his ageout year.

His love for this activity and what it offers young people motivated Vince to share what he had learned through teaching. He has served on the instructional staff for some of DCI’s most noted drum corps, including Velvet Knights, Bluecoats, Yamato, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Madison Scouts. He also taught the Riverside Community College (RCC) fall and winter percussion section from 1994-2003.

Vince has had the privilege of working with numerous individuals, whom he holds in high regard , including Mike Jackson, Ralph Hardimon, Jim Casella, Roger Carter, and Tom Float. His professional performance career has taken him around the world — from Universal Studios Japan, to  stage shows in Las Vegas, and currently at the Disney Resort in Anaheim, California.

Vince looks forward to his continued involvement at Pacific Crest. "Pacific Crest is an exciting group to be a part of, and always manages to meet and surpass every and any expectation."