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Pacific Crest relies on more than 50 volunteer staff each year, and we are grateful for these fantastic people who support our efforts. Please use the form below to register to work one (or more!) of our events. We will send you an email confirmation after you submit the form.

Click on the Event/Category to open the tab and make your selections. You may click again on the title to expand/collapse the tab and your selections will remain. Hover your mouse over the Task for more information. Please select only one job assignment per-event. Times indicated within a job description are estimated.

Thank you, in-advance, for your support!


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2016 SNEAK PREVIEW (click to expand/collapse list)
Select Event/Task Date Req'd Reg'd
CORPS PARKING (Off Eucalyptus Street) 2016-06-18 2 1
PC MERCHANDISE SALES (3:00p-10:00p) 2016-06-18 4 3
SPECTATOR PARKING (Nason Street) 4:00p-8:00p 2016-06-18 3 1
TICKET BOOTH (4:30p-7:00p) 2016-06-18 2 2
SPECTATOR ENTRANCE GATE (4:00p-8:00p) 2016-06-18 4 3
CORPS PERFORMERS ENTRANCE (7:45p-8:30p) 2016-06-18 2 2
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Questions? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@pacific-crest.org