Camp Registration Available at El Camino High School

Haven’t registered for our Drum Major or Snare Camp, but want to go? No worries. We’re accepting onsite registrations at 1 PM on Wednesday, June 27th, at El Camino High School. If interested, click Read More.

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PC Summer Camps for Drum Majors and Snare Drummers

We’re still accepting registrations for both our Drum Major Camp and Snare Camp. Check-in is Wednesday, June 27th, at 1 PM. If you’re interested in enrolling, we’d love to have you.

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Registration Open for Summer 2012 Drum Major Camp!

Registration is now open for Pacific Crest’s Summer 2012 Drum Major Camp. This camp brings together educators, performers, and clinicians to develop the leadership and conducting skills required for high school drum majors. Click here for details.