The Season FAQs

Revised: August 2016

Pacific Crest’s season officially begins the second Saturday of June, when our All-Days commence.

In mid-June, we depart for a seven-week national tour that culminates at the Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis, IN.

What if I have a family vacation or other plans for the season?

If you already have plans the summer, this is not your year for Pacific Crest. If you have a question about this, contact a Pacific Crest administrator for clarification.

What if I have to miss a rehearsal during our All-Days?

Simply stated, you may not miss any of our All-Days. There are two exceptions: (1) If you’re still in school when our All-Days begin, or (2) if you’re sick.

If you are still in school during All-Days, we urge you to request the chance to take final exams early and/or miss the last days of school. You may request a letter from the Executive Director that confirms participation in Pacific Crest.

Please note that if your school year ends after the All-Days — and you must miss most or all of the early June rehearsals — you will be considered an Understudy. Understudies can earn their way into a performance spot later in the summer, but cannot be guaranteed a spot if missing that much rehearsal the first half of June.

If you’re sick, contact your Caption Head to let them know you’re too sick to attend rehearsal.

Where do we rehearse during All-Days?

This year, we will rehearse at Diamond Bar High School

Does PC provide housing during the All-Days?

No housing or meals are provided during All-Days. We encourage you to pack lunch and dinner each day. This helps ensure a healthier diet during this period and saves money.

If you live more than 40 minutes from our All-Day site, you should find housing closer to the site. We ask that members coordinate housing arrangements on their own with local members.

What if I have to quit?

If you find that PC is not for you, after all, you’ll need to request a Member Withdrawal Form from Executive Director Stuart Pompel and return the completed form to Pacific Crest. This is the only way to officially withdraw and cancel your Member Contract. Please note, however, that you are not necessarily entitled to a full refund of tuition. Whether or not tuition will be refunded depends upon the date of your withdrawal.

My parents know nothing about drum corps. Where can they learn?

If Pacific Crest and the drum corps activity are new to you, we encourage you to learn more about the activity by clicking this link on the Drum Corps Intenrational (DCI) Web site.

Still Have a Question?If you still have a question that we haven’t answered above, please send it to us in an email and we’ll get the answer posted here.  Don’t worry about it being ‘silly’ or un-important.  If you have it, there will be others that will as-well.