Training Camps FAQs

Revised: September 2019

Pacific Crest holds weekend-long rehearsal camps once per month starting in January. The frequency of these camps increases in May and June.

Where are the camps held?

Our camps take place at Diamond Bar High School, 21400 E. Pathfinder Rd., Diamond Bar, California, 91765. The school is located off the 57 Freeway at Pathfinder Road in Diamond Bar. Click here for a map and driving directions. The only exception to this may be our Memorial Weekend Camp, which typically takes place at a different site.

Where do I park?

The high school hosts Bingo in the gym on Saturday night; therefore, we strongly encourage you to have someone drop you Saturday and pick you up Sunday. If you wish to drive, you’ll want to park on Brea Canyon, the western border of the campus. You’ll then need to walk up the hill to the check-in tables.

What are the times?

The camps begins at 9 am on Saturday and ends at 6 pm on Sunday. One or more of these camps may start Friday evening at 9 pm. Check the calendar for details.

Where and when do we check in?

The registration tables will open one hour prior to the start of the camp. You will find them just east of the gym unless it’s raining. Staff will be available to guide you and answer questions. If you have registered online, plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the camp. Those who are registering onsite should plan to arrive when registration opens. Lines can be long.

What’s the housing and meal situation?

Lodging and meals are provided. Students sleep in the gym. Showers are available in the locker rooms in the evening.

Do I have to stay overnight?

All camp attendees are required to stay overnight — even those who live locally.

What if I can’t attend a portion or all of a camp because of a school conflict?

During the academic year, your school events take priority over Pacific Crest. You may miss up to four full camp days due to school conflicts. These may be taken as two full camps, four full days, eight partial days, or a combination that sums to four days.

School conflicts may include the following:

  • School band rehearsal or performance
  • Ceremonies: Prom, Graduation, band banquet
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Independent ensemble (WGI, youth orchestra, etc.)

If you must miss more than four full days, please contact the Corps Manager. Communication is key to finding a solution.

Note: Absences will not be accommodated after the first performance (Sneak Preview). After that date, Pacific Crest becomes your primary responsibility. An exception is made for members still in school past this date. Again, communication is key!

What if I have to miss a rehearsal camp for reasons that are not necessarily school related?

Those types of instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the reason, if you have a camp conflict, please strive to attend as much of that camp weekend as possible. You will need to discuss the conflict with your Caption Head and the PC Administration.

What if my school year ends after All-Days start?

If you are still in school during All-Days, we urge you to request the chance to take final exams early and/or miss the last days of school. You may request a letter from the Executive Director that confirms participation in Pacific Crest.

Please note that if your school year ends after the All-Days — and you must miss most or all of the early June rehearsals — you will be considered an Understudy. Understudies can earn their way into a performance spot later in the summer, but cannot be guaranteed a spot if missing that much rehearsal the first half of June.

What if I still owe money to the last corps I marched with?

You will not be permitted to participate in Pacific Crest until you have fulfilled all financial commitments to any previous drums corps you have participated in. This is a Drum Corps International policy and there are no exceptions.

What should I bring to the camps?

Everyone should bring the following items to your first Pacific Crest full weekend camp: sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, clothes you can move in (sweats, T-shirts, shorts, cross-trainer shoes, etc.). Depending on your section, you should bring the following items to camp:

  • For brass and percussion:
    • Wear athletic clothes — such as shorts, track pants, light t-shirt, and closed athletic shoes. No jeans!
    • Bring a hat (to protect you from the sun) and sunglasses
    • An instrument, if possible (yours or one borrowed from your school)
    • Necessary equipment (sticks, mallets, mouthpiece, gloves, etc.)
    • 3-ring binder with 10 page protectors
  • For color guard:
    • Dance/movement shoes, outdoor shoes, dance clothing (Should be form-fitting. Black preferable)
    • Equipment (flag, saber, rifle, gloves)
  • For everyone:
    • Long pants, sweatshirt or jacket (the weather could get chilly)
    • Sunscreen & lip balm (do not use a petroleum-based balm)
    • 1-gallon water jug. Fill it before you arrive Saturday.
    • Deodorant or antiperspirant, shampoo, soap
    • Hairbrush/comb
    • Shower shoes and towel
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Clothes to sleep in
    • Pillow, sleeping, twin-sized air mattress (optional)

We do not provide transportation to and from camps. If you have to fly in (or drive a long distance to attend these camps), connect with Pacific Crest members on our Facebook Interest Page for Friday night housing. Alternatively, you can check out local hotels in Diamond Bar, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, or Brea for Friday night.

Are my parents invited?

Absolutely! Parents are encouraged to attend every camp. Pacific Crest administrators and other volunteers will be in attendance at all camps to answer questions. Parents are offered the use of separate sleeping quarters in the school and there are numerous volunteer positions available for parents to fill. Bring a sleeping bag and pitch-in for the weekend!

 What if my parents would like to talk to someone about the corps?

Parents who have questions are encouraged to contact us via email at They can also contact CEO Stuart Pompel at 909-287-1310.

How many spots are open in the corps?

There are 154 total spots open in the corps, but we also carry another 3 – 6 understudies.

Still Have a Question?If you still have a question that we haven’t answered above, please send it to us in an email and we’ll get the answer posted here.  Don’t worry about it being silly or unimportant.  If you have it, there will be others that will as-well.