Corps at the Crest Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser

TIME TO EAT!  Support the Pacific Crest Alumni Association as we host our Corps at the Crest Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings in the City of West Covina.   Just 4.6 miles away from Hilmer Lodge Stadium and located on Workman Av west of Citrus St, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 20% of all food purchases to the Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization.  Print up a copy of the Flyer and we will see you there. [Read more…]

Staff Files

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What is Pacific Crest?

Who We Are
Pacific Crest is Southern California’s World Class corps. Our performers are among the best in the world at what they do and demand intense experiences and competition. They join Pacific Crest to travel 12,000 miles and perform for 100,000 fans in some of the world’s most famous stadiums.

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The Audition Process

To audition for Pacific Crest, you’ll complete this six-step process.

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Drum Major Camp

Take your leadership and conducting skills to the next level at the Pacific Crest Drum Major Camp! This camp brings together world-class educators, performers, and clinicians to instruct you via interactive workshops and prepare you for your role as a high school drum major.  You’ll also experience a few days in the life of Pacific Crest, sharing lodging and meals, rehearsing with, and even conducting the corps! [Read more…]

Member Guide

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