Corps at the Crest 2013

Corps at the Crest San Diego
Friday, June 28, 2013
El Camino High School
Oceanside, CA


Corps at the Crest Walnut
Saturday, June 29, 2013
Mt. San Antonio College
Walnut, CA

Sponsor a Performer

Know someone performing with Pacific Crest who needs financial assistance? You can easily sponsor a performer through our secure online store. Be sure to enter the student’s name and your name, and we’ll notify them of your sponsorship.

Drive a Tractor Trailer

Pacific Crest has a 53-foot equipment/instrument trailer and a 48-foot commercial mobile kitchen. We are always seeking drivers with a Class A License to transport these trailers to and from camps and during our tours. Interested drivers can learn more about this opportunity and compensation by contacting our Executive Director, Stuart Pompel, at 714-785-9904.

Gift In Kind

We welcome some donations of goods or services that you or your company are willing to donate. Depending on the nature and amount of goods received, donor benefits may be available. Below is a sample list of items:

Office equipment
Commercial cooking equipment
Construction materials
Bulk supplies (mailing labels, reams of paper, etc)
Auction items for our Golf Tournament
Professional services, e.g. welding, construction, accounting, legal advice, etc.

If you have an item or service you’d like to donate, contact our Executive Director first to make sure the organization can accept your gift.


From cooking to construction to sewing to driving, we’re always in need of assistance.

Work for a Day
Work behind the scenes at Corps at the Crest, Sneak Preview or at the Pacific Crest Golf Tournament.

Work for a Weekend
Work on our support team at a camp. Check-in members, collect tuition, sell merchandise, fit uniforms, sew flags, prepare meals, etc. Meals and accommodations are provided at overnight camps, and these camps are a great opportunity to see the corps both on and off the field and meet some wonderful members, volunteers and fans.

Work for a Week (or More)
Spend a week or more on tour with us. Work in our kitchen, help with uniforms, drive one of our SUVs or tractor trailers (Class A license required), or serve on our medical team. Traveling with the corps is demanding, but incredibly rewarding!

Work When We’re In Your Town
If the we’re in your city during tour, we could use your help. Finding a grocery store, music store, hospital or urgent care and other local facilities is easier when we have a contact in the area.  Perhaps you can assist our cook staff for a day or even just one meal, giving our volunteers a well-deserved break.

Provide Expertise
Pacific Crest is always looking for Class A drivers to haul our two tractor trailers. We need people to help fit and alter uniforms, sew flags, construct props, and maintain equipment.  If you’re in the medical field, consider serving on our Medical Team.

If you want to learn more about volunteering at Pacific Crest, please contact our Executive Director via our Contact Page.

LINK: Volunteer Registration –>

Affiliate Programs

Through our affiliates, you can support Pacific Crest just by doing your normal shopping. Our affiliates send us a percentage of your purchases, which means you’re helping us by doing what you’re already doing!


Visa Card Apply for the Pacific Crest Visa . There are NO fees, and the interest rate is competitive. Pacific Crest earns $50 for each card activated, as well as a portion of all purchases made using the card.
Ralphs By registering your Ralphs discount card with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program , Ralphs will donate a portion of your grocery purchases to Pacific Crest.
eScrip With eScrip , Pacific Crest can earn a portion of purchases you make with participating eScrip merchants, including dozens of restaurants. Simply register your debit/credit card with eScrip, and a portion of all purchases made using that card goes to Pacific Crest.