Pacific Crest – Make Your Story (v2)

Pacific Crest – Make Your Story (v3)

Pacific Crest Goes Mobile

No, this image is not an ancient Mayan hieroglyphic, your grandmother’s latest quilt, or a new shako emblem design.  Its an intelligent "Tag" that will link mobile smartphone users with our new Pacific Crest Mobile website, which is now online.

Meant to provide an easy access to the latest PC info on most mobile devices equipped with a browser, Pacific Crest Mobile offers the latest news from the front page of this site – as well as future content specifically targeted to the mobile user.   In addition, you’ll find our Quick Facts and Schedule pages available with a single touch/click … making it very easy for members, families, and fans to keep-up with important corps information.

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New Look for Pacific Crest Site

Be sure to update your bookmark for the site, because in addition to the few changes we’ve made to the layout of the site,  we’ve also made a slight change in our address.  The best way to find us is at

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Are You a DCI Fan Network Subcriber?

Not a subscriber to the DCI Fan Network? What are you waiting for?!
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PC On YouTube

PC 1999 – Dracula


PC 2000 – Joan of Arc