Steven Schell

 Steven Schell, a Business Executive with 25 years in aviation services loves serving Pacific Crest on tour in the mobile kitchen as well as in the Boardroom.  Steven’s marching experience (drums) with a Drum and Bugle Corps in his youth provides valued insight on the Board and allows him to participate in the planning success of the organization and the focus to achieving the Mission Statement.

Carter Schuld

 Carter Schuld, President of Pathfinder Enterprise Group LLC, has served on the board since 1993.  He believes that today’s kids need a platform that allows them to work hard and be shown reward and appreciation for their performance efforts.  His support of PC since its formative years has enabled its members to enjoy opportunities to discover and develop their capabilities to excel.

Orien Pagan

 Orien Pagan of Orien J. Pagan – EA and Associates states that her support of Pacific Crest originated when she attended a performance at the Diamond Bar City’s Birthday celebration many years ago. She recalls looking into the students’ eyes and being struck by the commitment and drive they projected.  Orien describes their performances as inspiring and she has been “hooked on PC” since that day.

Debbie O’Connor

 Debby O’Connor, an active community volunteer and former Mayor of Diamond Bar, brings a passion for supporting young people in their quest for excellence.  She was drawn to supporting the youth of Pacific Crest after observing their dedication and talent develop while performing with the corps.


Phil Mortensen

Phil Mortensen currently serves as the Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator for the Placentia-Yorba Linda USD and is a veteran music educator and former drum corps brass instructor (VK 1991-93).  He is hopeful that his contribution to the students through his work on the board of directors will help provide a meaningful musical venue for student musicians to thrive, develop and excel.  

Don Gunderson

 Don Gunderson, a retired music educator with 41 years of experience in the classroom, is excited about supporting an organization that provides meaningful artistic performance opportunities for young people who are taught by exceptionally well-educated and qualified instructors.