Amando Duenas to be released Wednesday

Armando's surgery was successful. He will be released Wednesday, November 18th, and will recover at home after that.

Update on Armando Duenas

Armando is recovering, and is being transferred to Kaiser Medical Center, Los Angeles . He will be undergoing some minor surgery, but is expected to be released later this week.

Funeral Services for Zach Headden

Thursday, November 19, 2009
7 PM

Christ First Baptist Church of Covina
200 North Second Ave.
Covina CA 91723

PC alumni and members interested in performing Ave Maria at the services, please contact Mark Kveton or Mark De La Vega for details.

Tragedy Strikes Pacific Crest Family

Zachary HeaddenNovember 13, 2009 (Updated November 14, 2009) – Pacific Crest Drum Major, Zachary Headden, was killed early this morning in an auto accident in Diamond Bar, California.
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Angela Tousley Named as Color Guard Caption Supervisor

 Angela Tousley The dancer, choreographer, and color guard educator taught for Pacific Crest in 2006, and returns for 2010."I'm impressed by Angela's training and depth and breadth of experience," said Executive Director Stuart Pompel. "I know our color guard performers will have an amazing experience under Angela's leadership, and I'm confident that her design skills will help shape our success."

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Gordon Henderson and Gene Monterastelli Join the 2010 Team

Two nationally recognized instructors and designers will help Pacific Crest shape its future.
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