Behind the Crest – Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of Behind the Crest – a weekly podcast offering a behind-the-scenes view of Southern California’s ONLY DCI World Class drum and bugle corps.

Series host Matt Lackey introduces Program Coordinator Mark Gunderson, Jeff Lee, and Hall of Fame member Ralph Pace. The new design team discusses how they settled on The Spectrum. They’ll also talk about their programming goals for Pacific Crest.

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Creative Team Announces the 2012 Program

Pacific Crest’s The Spectrum will take you on an adventure through color and personality. Every individual has many sides to who they are, and PC explores these using music and color.  What color is quirky?  What color is somber?  What color is whimsical? What color is serious?  As musical colors are explored, we find the combination creates The Spectrum of one’s complete personality. The Spectrum will provide the audience a tour through their own traits, creating a portrait of one’s true self: one’s true colors.
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Audition Tips: Conrad Zimmer, Tuba (2009 – 2011)

When you get in the audition room just relax. All you need to do is think positively, breathe and play the music.

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Creative Team Restructured; New Leadership for Percussion Program

The season ends, the members go back to their lives, and corps around the nation begin planning for the next season. This year’s "off-season" is a particularly busy one for Pacific Crest.

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Banquet Celebrates the 2011 Season

On Sunday, September 18th, 300 people attended Pacific Crest’s annual awards luncheon at the Embassy Suites in Brea, California. Members, families, staff, board, volunteers, alumni, and friends were in attendance to mark the official end of the 2011 season. Director of Education Programs Dale Leaman was also recgonized for his two decades of leadership.


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Dale Leaman: Celebrating Two Decades of Leadership

At the upcoming Pacific Crest Awards Luncheon, the organization will celebrate Dale Leaman’s 19 continuous seasons of contributions to Pacific Crest. A co-founder of the Organization in 1992, and its current Director of Education Programs, Dale has been a steadfast leader, educator, and mentor to more than 1,000 alumni who have passed through Pacific Crest. In addition, he has generously shared his expertise in instructional techniques and show design with more than 100 instructors and designers since the corps’ founding.

“Dale played a pivotal role in developing our core values,” explained Executive Director and long-time friend Stuart Pompel. “These values have helped to  create our reputation for demanding personal excellence within the context of a caring family. Dale also helped organize our first Board of Directors, and even helped come up with our name!”

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