George Perry to Retire after Two Decades of Service

After nearly two decades of service to Pacific Crest, Board President George Perry will retire on December 31st.

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Pre-Register for December Auditions

Pre-registration for Pacific Crest’s December Auditions ends Thursday, December 12th. If you don’t pre-register, plan to register at the door when you arrive. Be sure to arrive before 8 am to allow adequate time to complete the registration process.

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2014 Color Guard Staff Announced

Pacific Crest announces its staff of color guard educators for the 2014 pre-season. These movement and equipment technicians are ready to take the color guard program to a new level of performance excellence. [Read more…]

One Week Added to Tour in 2014

We are excited to announce that our tour will be one week longer in 2014! Instead of departing in mid-July and making our way to San Antonio, Pacific Crest will depart Sunday, July 6th, for Ogden, Utah.

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2014 Percussion Staff Announced

Pacific Crest is pleased to introduce its staff of percussion educators for the 2014 season. Caption Head Andy Bill has reorganized the staff to create a more effective environment for superior achievement. With Tom Aungst returning as an adviser to the staff, the 2014 percussion program is prepared to continue its forward trajectory. [Read more…]

2014 Visual Staff Announced

Pacific Crest introduces its visual staff for the 2014 season. Caption Supervisor Matt Lackey and Caption Head Bill Fritz have put together a team of educators who care committed to the member experience at Pacific Crest, and excited to be working alongside DCI Hall of Fame member, Todd Ryan. [Read more…]