Pacific Crest Ticket Block at Premier Events and Championships

We have set aside a block of tickets at select events for Pacific Crest alumni, family, friends and fans to come together and cheer on the corps.

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Lone Star Percussion Returns as Presenting Sponsor of SoCal Shows

Pacific Crest is excited to announce that Lone Star Percussion is returning as Presenting Sponsor of the 2019 Corps at the Crest San Diego and Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl.

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Pacific Crest Welcomes Zildjian as a Corporate Partner

Pacific Crest is excited to announce our expanded partnership with the Zildjian & Vic Firth Company. Starting in 2019, the corps will perform on Zildjian cymbals, gongs, and crotales. [Read more…]

Tickets On Sale: San Diego and Rose Bowl

Tickets are now on sale for Corps at the Crest San Diego and Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl.

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Luxury Seating at Rose Bowl DCI Show

Ready to experience a DCI show in “first-class” accommodations? Club seating at the Rose Bowl includes the most comfortable seats, food, cash bar, private restrooms, and the best view of the show.

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Why I Volunteer: Kathy and Brain Kross

The Kross Family came to Pacific Crest in 2018, and immediately jumped in to help.

“Why do I volunteer,” you ask? I tend to wonder: Why wouldn’t I volunteer? Why wouldn’t I be there for my child’s developmental years? Why wouldn’t I watch her live out her dream? Why wouldn’t I support him in his passion?

With my kids now being 16 and 18, they have been involved in everything from gymnastics and t-ball to marching band and church youth groups. I have tried to be there every step of the way even when it hasn’t been super fun (like planning and serving meals for 100+ band kids) BUT the experience has been well worth it!

I’ve been able to see my kids fight through the tough times in life like learning how to work through tense social situations and learning what true commitment looks like by attending late night outdoor rehearsals in freezing temperatures. I guess I would answer the original question of “Why I volunteer” this way: To volunteer means to support…To support our kids and to support the wonderful people who make their great programs run!

Thank you Pacific Crest for the wonderful experience you gave our son and our whole family!”

For more information about volunteering for Pacific Crest, click here.