The Mission of the Pacific Crest Alumni Association is to provide opportunities for members and Alumni to interact.  We look to tie our past with our present as we look to the future.

Check out all our activities! If you’re interested in participating, email Howard Hsu at

Attend a Restaurant Fundraiser Night
Local So Cal restaurants like El Torito, Chili’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings have hosted fundraiser nights that have raised money for scholarships. If we’re in your area, come on down. If you want to host one in your area, let us know.

Come to our Alumni Meetings
We’re volunteers, led by a steering committee, but all alumni have a voice, and we’d LOVE to see you at one of our meetings.  Meetings are held on the Monday following each Camp and then the first Monday of each calendar Month during the off season.

Participate in our Phonathon
Remember the Phonathon? While our current corps members make the calls, this Phonathon is also open to alumni participation. Help our members connect with our alumni and help close the gap between tuition and expenses.

Socialize at our Annual Weenie Roast
The Alumni Weenie Roast is our official pre-show tailgate party at Corps at the Crest. Tickets to the show are not required to attend the Weenie Roast, but seriously, are you going to go to a tailgate party and not watch the “game”?  The Weenie Roast is free of charge, funded by our restaurant nights.

Volunteer at the Corps at the Crest Hospitality Booth
Corps at the Crest Walnut is our “home show!” Our Hospitality Booth is a way of thanking our supporters and donors. The Pacific Crest Alumni Association is the official host. Come by and say hello, reconnect with alumni, and personally thank our supporters.

Join Us for the Home Show Dinner
The Home Show Dinner immediately follows Corps at the Crest Walnut.  All are welcome. Keep an eye out for this on the Facebook PC Alumni Group.

Play in Our Alumni Softball Game – Circles vs Squares
Alumni Softball pits the Alumni of the current Circle Pacific Crest logo against the Alumni of the Classic Square Logo.  If you marched when the logo was the double triangle, you have your choice, as you have truly earned it.  We play our games at rehearsal camps so we can interact with the current members.

Adopt an Age-Out
This program connects current members of the corps to Alumni in the professional world. Some connections are driven by professional, recreational or personal interests. The long-term goal is to partner EVERY current member with an alum.

1) You’re no longer eligible (by age) to participate in Drum and Bugle Corps
2) Purchase a Challenge Coin for your member.
3) Send a care package or letter to your member when on tour.
4) Fill out a brief questionnaire.

Purchase a Challenge Coin
The Challenge Coin has its origins in military tradition, with a unique design based upon its holder.  The Pacific Crest Alumni Association adopted this tradition and creates a Challenge Coin for each season.  Proceeds from the sales fund the “Peggy Haggin Memorial Scholarship” to help members with tuition.

Interested in participating? Send an email to Howard Hsu at