(As of 5/25/2017)

2017 Administrative Team | Photos and Bios
Stuart Pompel, Executive Director
Seth Murphy, Program and Staff Coordinator
Edward Martin, Operations Manager
Betty Yoder, Office Manager & Bookkeeper
Chris Henderson, Drum Corps Manager

2017 Design Team | Photos and Bios
Steven Estudillo, Creative Director and Visual Designer
Douglas Thrower, Brass Arranger and Composer
Pete Lucero, Battery Arranger and Composer
Jonathan Zuniga, Front Ensemble & Electronics Arranger and Composer
David Crook, Choreographer and Color Guard Instructor
Scott Koter, Program Advisor

2017 Brass Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Luis Cardenas Casillas, Brass Caption Head
Aidan Ritchie, Assistant Caption Head and Euphonium Instructor
Reggie Humphrey, Brass Ensemble Specialist
Armando Luis Duenas, Low Brass Instructor
Erick Jovel, High Brass Instructor
Josiah Morales, Low Brass Instructor
Andrew Pickett, High Brass Instructor
Jonathan Probst, High Brass Instructor
Seth Shaffer, Low Brass Instructor
Chris Stanley, Instructor
Walter Simonsen, High Brass Instructor

2017 Percussion Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Pete Lucero, Caption Head and Percussion Arranger
Dalia Berman, Front Ensemble Manager
Matt Ponce, Battery Manager and Snare Instructor
Melannie Stakely, Battery Manager and Bass Drum Instructor
Matt Allen, Snare Instructor
Mario Profita, Snare Instructor
Alex Barreras, Tenor Instructor
Chris Luther, Tenor Instructor
Brandon Zackey, Tenor Instructor
Elliott Duran, Bass Drum Instructor
Pablo Rodriguez, Cymbal Instructor
Kevin Cisneros, Front Ensemble Instructor
Chyann Figueroa, Front Ensemble Instructor
Brianne Kikuchi, Front Ensemble Instructor
Kevin Sanchez, Front Ensemble Instructor
Richard Diaz, Electronics

2017 Color Guard Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Jennifer Barton, Caption Head
Samantha Dobson, Assistant Caption Head
David Crook, Choreographer and Instructor
Jed Garvey, Choreographer and Instructor
Nurah Holloway, Instructor
Joey Kidd, Instructor
Danielle Leininger, Instructor
Lynsey Mikels, Instructor
Brianne Tomas, Instructor
Drew Zellmer, Choreographer and Instructor

2017 Visual Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Pablo Coppola, Caption Head
Rudy Ruiz, Assistant Caption Head
Dan Adams, Instructor
Bobby Frey, Instructor
Jerin Harrison, Instructor
Phillip Inzerillo, Instructor
Dolfo Picanco, Instructor
Jonathan Probst, Instructor
Adrian Rivas, Instructor
Adam Steltenpohl, Instructor
Jonathan Yoo, Instructor
Mike Zerbini, Visual Consultant

2017 Instructional Support | Photos and Bios
Mark Kveton, Student Leadership Coordinator and Summer Camp Manager
Jim Olea, Health Team Coordinator
Cami McCallum, Physical Trainer

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