Jill Podsiad

Photo_JillPodsiadJill Podsiad
Surgical Technologist

JILL PODSIAD comes to Pacific Crest from Santa Barbara, Ca. She has been a full time Surgical Technologist for the last 10 years, as well as a medical and physical therapy assistant (and hopefully, by the time we hit tour this summer, you can add massage therapist to her repertoire!). She loves working with young people, and is passionate about proper nutrition and teaching young athletes how to prepare their bodies nutritionally so they can perform optimally on the field and in everyday life.

Jill’s middle son had a heart transplant in 2013, which means she also comes to us with some unusual real life experience and knowledge that she has had to learn and apply to her own daily life, in order to create better habits for a healthier lifestyle – for herself but mostly as a model to her sons. These changes have made her passionate about teaching young adults the importance of learning and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits while young, in hopes of always being a peak performer.

2019 will be Jill’s second year on tour with Pacific Crest.