2019 Pacific Crest Brass Staff Announced

Following the announcement last month of our 2019 lead staff, Pacific Crest is excited to officially welcome our 2019 brass instructional staff.

The team will be led by Caption Head Sean Phelan and Brass Arranger and Supervisor Brad Kerr Green. Together with a talented team of consultants, instructors, and interns, Sean and Brad bring a wide range of drum corps teaching experience to the table, including Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, and Madison Scouts.

“We’re excited about the diverse performance and educational experience of this team,” said Pacific Crest CEO Stuart Pompel. “These individuals have demonstrated past success within DCI, and many are well-respected music educators at the high school and college level.”

Andy Smart, Scott Oliver, Alex Brough, and Jay Hagy will serve as consultants for the 2019 season. Joining them are instructors Melissa Primavera, Sean Conway, Jonathan Probst, Nathan Pratt, DJ Landoll, Dan Blevins, Zach Sheller, Gabriel Gounaris, and Armando Luis Duenas. Interns Noah Oliver and Derek Fritz will also lend their skills to the 2019 brass staff.

Photos and bios can be found on the Staff page, with more announcements coming soon!

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