Support Pacific Crest in the DCI Giving Challenge

Pacific Crest is participating in the DCI Giving Challenge this year, and your support can make a huge difference. By donating to our Tour Fund between July 28 and August 3, you can help Pacific Crest deliver a World Class experience for our members.

By the end of the summer, our touring fleet will have traveled 12,500 miles. That’s no small feat! While tuition is $3,475, we will spend $6,700 per member to deliver our program.

You can help fill the funding gap by giving to the 2018 PC Tour Fund.


How to Participate

The DCI Giving Challenge kicks off Saturday, July 28, and ends Friday, August 3 at 9pm PDT. Winning corps will be announced Saturday, August 4 at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Starting July 28, you can make a gift by clicking the donate button below.

In recognition of our 25th Anniversary, suggested donation amounts are based on the number 25 or 93 (our first season). You may also choose your own amount. No gift is too small!


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