Pacific Crest 2018: Here’s To The Ones Who Dream


Pacific Crest is proud to announce our 2018 program, Here’s To The Ones Who Dream.

In our 2018 production “Here’s to the Ones Who Dream,” Pacific Crest recreates the glitz, glamour, and excitement of classic Hollywood: a place where those come looking for their chance to shine. Experience the magic of stepping into a new and unknown world, the uncertainty of searching for your voice among the crowd, the raw thrill of standing solo in the spotlight. Doubt, fear, and anticipation give way to courage, confidence, and exhilaration as the heart of the city starts to beat within.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Pacific Crest pays homage to its Los Angeles roots, and to the pursuit of success that has drawn aspiring performers to the city’s dazzling lights for over a century. Mirroring the ambitions of our founding staff and members who took a leap of faith in 1993, our 2018 production honors and celebrates those who dare to dream.

With music inspired by the soundtrack to ‘La La Land’ and imagery borrowed from Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame, “Here’s To The Ones Who Dream” tells a story of hope, ambition, and triumph in a town where anything is possible.



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Pacific Crest 2018 tour shirts and 25th anniversary shirts will be available at the PC souvenir booth this summer. Come find us at a show!

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Join the Pacific Crest Walk of Fame! This year’s show will incorporate a number of Hollywood stars across the field. By making a $93 donation, we will engrave a star with your name, which you can keep after the season’s end.

Why $93? This amount was chosen to honor Pacific Crest’s inaugural year, 1993. For a bit of context, a donation of $93 moves our touring fleet 150 miles this summer!

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Watch Pacific Crest perform “Here’s To The Ones Who Dream” at one of the shows below, or view our full tour schedule.

  • June 29: Corps at the Crest San Diego, Oceanside CA
  • June 30: Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA
  • August 9: DCI World Championships, Indianapolis, IN

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