Alumni Spotlight: Adrian Rivas

Adrian Rivas

Adrian Rivas marched with Pacific Crest as a charter member from 1993 through 1997, when he aged out with the corps. He was in the baritone/euphonium section then went on to serve as drum major for his last two years. Now as an alum, Adrian continues giving to the place he calls home.



How did you become involved with Drum Corps?

I didn’t know about drum corps really until high school. But I grew up in Diamond Bar and Pacific Crest’s rehearsals were in Diamond Bar High School’s band room.  My band director was one of the instructors and the brass arranger was also from my high school.

How did Pacific Crest influence you outside of the activity?

Drum corps was an outlet for me to keep doing what I loved after I graduated high school. It was an opportunity to learn a new instrument because I was a woodwind, and it allowed me to have a different level of excellence. It was a competitive thing I enjoyed. I think that’s why I did it when I was younger, but as I grew up I just enjoyed all the lessons I had learned about responsibility and leadership. I was interacting with people from all over California, people who come from different walks of life that I would have never really known, which is what I appreciate [from] the activity.

Are you still involved in the activity or have you ever volunteered for the organization?

I still spend plenty time with PC. I’m on the Board of Directors and I just started my second term. I had been an instructor in some way, shape or form ever since my first year out of drum corps and I’ve been involved every year. One year I was Visual Caption Head and I’ve also done some of the Leadership & Drum Major Training in the past.

Why do you keep coming back to Pacific Crest?

It’s an activity worth fighting for. [Pacific Crest] was so new and so small when I joined [and] it’s been a crazy ride watching everything unfold and stick around for so long.  I remember when I was marching we were trying to get four people to fill a baritone line and now you see how many people audition and come back to visit at camps. I think, ‘Wow we were struggling [to fill] a 30-person horn line now look how big it is,’ and I think that’s why I keep giving back. Hundreds, now thousands of people have been impacted.  It’s incredible to give this opportunity to people to perform.

Adrian currently works in enterprise technology for the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, CA and resides in Valley Village with wife, Stacy.