Support Pacific Crest in the DCI Giving Challenge

Pacific Crest is participating in the DCI Giving Challenge this year, and your support can make a huge difference. Simply sponsor one (or more) miles of tour, and you can help us deliver a World Class experience for our members.

By the end of the summer, Pacific Crest will have traveled 12,500 miles. That’s no small feat! While tuition is $3375, we will spend $6170 per member to deliver our program.

You can help fill the funding gap — to help us get down the road — by sponsoring one or more miles of our summer tour.

How to Participate

The DCI Giving Challenge kicks off Thursday, July 20, and ends Saturday, July 29. Winning corps will be announced July 30 at DCI’s Tour of Champions event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Starting July 20th, you can make a gift by clicking the donate button below.

Transportation costs this summer will total $325,850. Sponsor a mile of our tour for just $26!

Make a Donation →

Gifts made in the first 24 hours of the Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor! By making your gift on July 20th, you can double the value of your impact.