Why I Volunteer: Sal Nicrone

Sal Nicrone marched Drum Corps in the early 1970’s with The Chessmen in Easton, PA, and
then with the Hawthorne Muchachos in New Jersey. They were fun years and he made friendships that he still has to this day.

“When I was living in Pennsylvania my wife and I volunteered with the Cadets and C2. We also volunteered with the Reading Buccaneers, a DCA corp, where our nephew marched for two years. We made many friends as volunteers with drum corps who we are still in contact with to this day.

When we moved to California in 2014 after I retired, we wanted to continue to help with the drum corps activity. I had seen the Pacific Crest Drum Corps perform at DCI East in Allentown, so when we moved west I contacted Ed Martin to see if they needed help in their food truck, and he said yes, they were always in need of volunteers. My wife and I attended our first camp in January of 2015, and it was a good fit.

It is a pleasure to work with all the great volunteers at PC, but it is the passion and drive of the students that brings me back week after week. They push their bodies week in and week out to improve the show, from California to Indianapolis, and give up their entire summer to entertain drum corps fans. That is what drives me to provide four meals a day for the students who work from sunrise to sunset to put on their best performance night after night.

It doesn’t matter what corps you work with. They all need volunteers to step up and pitch in. A number of the people at Pacific Crest — like myself — do not have a child actively marching in corps, but they still show up and give their time.

My hope is that parents of corps members for the 2017 season will consider volunteering a few hours every other week or once a month to help with uniforms or with food service.The students really appreciate you being there, and they show great respect to the volunteers.

So if you have some time to help Pacific Crest get down the road this summer, we would love to see you, and will be happy to show you around and put you to work!!”

For more information about volunteering for Pacific Crest, click here.