Pacific Crest 2017: Golden State of Mind

 Pacific Crest is proud to announce our 2017 program, Golden State of Mind.

Your time is now. 
Your place is out there, beyond the known or expected. Find your voice.


Stop waiting for what’s next. Keep moving, not with your body, but with your soul.


Worry not which road is traveled more or less,
because where you start never dictates where you end.


And by the time you get there, you’ll know.


No matter who you are, or where you’re headed, the Golden State of Mind lives in those who search for it.


Find yours.


From the golden coast of California, Pacific Crest will navigate you through a world of curiosity, optimism, and discovery. A journey filled with emotional turmoil, episodic adventure, and a belief that fulfillment and purpose are found when you never give up on the search for your Golden State of Mind.



California Dreamin’
John Phillips, Michelle Phillips

Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (from A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack)
James Horner

Arrival of the Birds
Jason Swincoe

Alfonso Muskedunder
Todd Terje

Moving On (from the Lost Soundtrack)
Michael Giacchino




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