Lone Star Percussion Sponsors Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl

Pacific Crest is proud to announce Lone Star Percussion as this year’s featured sponsor for Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl.

Lone Star Percussion has been serving percussionists around the world since 1978. In addition to providing a full line of percussion products from every major manufacturer, Lone Star offers on-site clinics in every area of percussion from drum set, to marching and orchestral percussion.

“This is big!” Executive Director Stuart Pompel said of the sponsorship. “This support from Lone Star will help us with production costs for this elite event. We will also be able to direct some of the funding to our Outreach Program.”

Lone Star representative Dan Wahl echoed Pompel’s enthusiasm. “We are very excited to be teamed up with Pacific Crest to put on one the best Drum Corps events in California,” said Wahl. “Supporting this activity and community has always been our priority and we couldn’t ask for a better partner to make this happen.”

Based in Dallas, Texas, the company will be opening its second store in Fullerton, CA on March 4, 2017. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Lone Star to Southern California!

For more information and ticketing for Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl, visit DCI.org.

Learn more about Lone Star Percussion at lonestarpercussion.com.