Percussionists Hail from WGI’s Finest

Many of our 2016 percussionists performed with some of WGI’s finest indoor percussion ensembles this past spring.

Christian Lyman – Dark Sky, snare (Independent World)
Kenny Duran – Dark Sky, snare (Independent World)
Sebastian Broman – Broken City Percussion, bass (Independent World)
Shea Snyder – Riverside City College, cymbals (Independent World)
Zach Freeman – POW Percussion, cymbals (Independent World)
Ari Shiller – Orange County Independent, snare (Independent Open)
Marc Porras – Valley Independent Percussion, snare (Independent Open)
Asia Jones – Orange County Independent, bass (Independent Open)

Front Ensemble:
Angel Abonza: Dark Sky Percussion, marimba (Independent World)
Justin Page: Dark Sky Percussion, marimba (Independent World)
Conrad Alumia: RCC, marimba (Independent World)
Katherine Quesada: Dark Sky Percussion, marimba (Independent World)
Amanda Byers: POW Percussion, vibes (Independent World)
Amanda Frausto: Pulse Percussion, synth (Independent World)
Frances Fitzgerald: Elan Percussion, vibes (Independent Open)