Pacific Crest 2016: The Union

Pacific Crest is proud to announce our 2016 program, The Union.

“This is the story of the first transcontinental railroad; the greatest, most daring engineering effort the country had yet seen. Imagine the task.

The idea was to span the west with iron rails and to build a railroad across two-thirds of the continent on some of the most difficult terrain on earth. Not in all that distance, not in 1,700 miles, was there a single settlement of any appreciable size. The railroad would join what essentially were two different countries: California and back East.

They called it a work of giants. But like all great stories, it’s about the people.”

– David McCulloch, “The Iron Road” for The American Experience, PBS

Using current music and unique textures, this five-part program will explore a modernized twist on one of America’s biggest historical accomplishments. Not only did the railroad connect the East and West, it connected people and created a Union, one spike at a time.


Original Work
by John Meehan, Pete Lucero, Brian Dinkel

by Imogen Heap

Space Between
Fix You
by Coldplay (Jonathan Mark Buckland, William Champion, Christopher Anthony, John Martin, Guy Rupert Berryman)

Original Work
by Pete Lucero, Brian Dinkel

Point Blank
by Paul Dooley

Last Train Home
by Patrick Metheny