Why I Volunteer: Armando Duenas

Armando Luis Duenas is an alumnus of Pacific Crest, who marched Contra in 2007 and 2008.  He is currently finishing his Master’s Degree in Conducting at Azusa Pacific University.

“I have a unique relationship with Pacific Crest. One of my greatest friends was the late Zach Headden, and I survived the car accident that took him from us in 2009. From that terribly painful experience, I feel a stronger connection to the veterans who knew Zach and to the newer members who never met him. By being around the drum corps, I feel the newer members can see a part of the corps history and forge their own connection to Zach.”

“I aged out with a large class of ageouts in 2008. Many alumni from that year have returned to give back to Pacific Crest.  I volunteer to show the newer members that this experience creates long-lasting friendships that tie us together.”

“I also have a passion for cooking, so my best friend and then section leader, Chris Henderson, asked me to volunteer some time in the mobile kitchen.  I started cooking for the corps in 2014, and in 2015 assumed the position of Food Service Manager.  I feel this is the least I can do. Knowing the members are working hard every single day, my contribution is to provide the best meals that I possibly can.”

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