Jonathan Probst

Photo_ProbstJonathan (1)Jonathan Probst
High Brass Instructor

JONATHAN PROBST is completing his degree in Music Education at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. He is a graduate of Colony High School in Riverside.

Drum Corps International attracted his attention at a young age, and he marched with Pacific Crest from 2009-2011 on trumpet and baritone. He then went on to play trumpet for the Madison Scouts in 2012, and finished his marching career with the Phantom Regiment from 2013-2015. He served the Regiment as trumpet section leader and horn sergeant in his final year.

Jonathan is currently performing as a trumpet player at Disneyland. He has worked collaboratively with visual teams in Southern California while serving as a visual instructor for Chino High School, Upland High School, Ayala High School, Rowland High School, and Alta Loma High School.

He continues to work with Chino High School, Rowland High School, and serves as Visual Caption Head for Alta Loma High School.

He looks forward to sharing his passion for the marching arts as he pursues a continuing tradition of excellence with Pacific Crest.