Board Approves Brass Instrument Replacement

At its November meeting, the Pacific Crest Board of Directors authorized the purchase of 71 brass instruments. One exciting aspect of this decision is the move to the Jupiter XO Professional trumpet in 2016!

According to Executive Director Stuart Pompel, the professional model trumpets will make a real difference.

“The new brass instruments, combined with an upgrade to the Jupiter XO trumpet, will transform our sound and add tremendous value for our members and audiences!”

Funding for the replacement will come from two sources: The organization plans to sell the current inventory, and a fundraising campaign will be launched during the Holidays, giving donors the opportunity to help transform the sound of the corps.

“Our current instruments are being serviced, cleaned, and repaired,” explained Pompel. “They should be ready for sale in December — a chance for individuals and schools interested in getting their hands on some great gear at great prices.”

Those interested in purchasing Pacific Crest’s used brass instruments should contact the organization via e-mail.

If you are interested in making a donation to the New Instrument Fund, click the link below:

DONATE: New Instruments –>