2016 Design Team in Place

Steven Estudillo will lead the 2016 Creative Team as Pacific Crest’s Creative Director.

In 2009, Steven worked as a visual instructor for both The Cavaliers and Pacific Crest. From 2010 – 2012 and in 2015, he served as Visual Designer for Pacific Crest, while simultaneously teaching visual for The Cavaliers. From 2011 – 2015, he served as The Cavaliers’ Visual Caption Head.

As a prolific and successful drill designer, based in Southern California, Steven’s work has been performed by some of the top marching bands and indoor percussion ensembles in our region. He has also played a pivotal role in designing shows for Los Alamitos High School, Chino Hills High School, and Pulse Percussion.

In his new role at Pacific Crest, Steven will coordinate and manage the entire design process — from concept to production and implementation. He will be in attendance at winter and spring camps, and will be on tour with the corps. Steven will also help chart a three-year plan for Pacific Crest with the longer-term goal of recreating an identity for the corps.

Advising Steven and the Design Team will be Scott Koter. Scott is a DCI Hall of Fame member, and recently completed a 15-year tenure as Program Coordinator for The Cavaliers.

“We are excited to see Steven in this new role,” said Executive Director Stuart Pompel, “and I am delighted about Scott’s interest in working as our Creative Adviser — to see the impact his assistance will have on the future maturation of our show design.”

The rest of the design team will include familiar faces:

John Meehan is returning for a fifth season, and will work closely with Steven as our Music Director and Brass Arranger. Working alongside Steven, John will direct the musical selections, arrangements, compositions, and the overall arc of the 2016 show.

Pete Lucero will arrange the battery percussion score. We are grateful for Michael Huestis and his work as percussion arranger in 2014 and 2015. He has proven himself a consummate professional with serious musical and educational credentials. We believe, however, that by moving percussion design in-house, we will better serve our members and present the talents of our percussionists by those who know them best.

Veteran drum corps instructor Brian Dinkel will serve as Front Ensemble Arranger and Electronics Designer. As a member of the Blue Devils staff, Brian has a long-time working relationship with John Meehan, and will work with Pete Lucero to bring a signature sound to Pacific Crest’s percussion section.

Angela Tousley will focus solely on design in 2016. Moving out of the Color Guard Caption Head role, she will be able to focus on choreography, flag and costume design, and overall visual coordination. Angela is a classically trained dancer, with a undergraduate degree and emphasis in choreography from Cornish. She has worked for Pacific Crest since 2010.

While Ryan Springler will not return to the design team, we thank him for his passionate support of Pacific Crest. Ryan was interested in the success of the corps from day one, but more importantly about the development of our members. We look forward to his continued work as a visual instructor in 2016.

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