Listening to This Music Will Change Your Day

Wondering about Pacific Crest’s 2015 production? We are not yet ready to announce the details, but today we release one of the show’s musical arrangements.

If you grew up during the age of the “Mixed Tape”, you grew up with the band Depeche Mode. World-renowned composer, Eric Whitacre, arranged their song, Enjoy the Silence, as a choral work. This was the inspiration for John Meehan’s arrangement of this song for Pacific Crest.

“From the moment I first heard Eric Whitacre’s version of Enjoy the Silence, I could hear a great drum corps performing it. Building Pacific Crest’s show around this piece has been a blast. Maybe we should release this year’s end-of-season recording on cassette!”

The link below takes you to a YouTube recording of the Eric Whitacre Singers performing this piece. We think listening to it will change your day. Enjoy!