2015 Staff

With many familiar faces and some new additions, we are pleased to announce the 2015 instructional staff for Pacific Crest.

(As of 1/20/2015)

2015 Brass Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Seth Murphy, Caption Head and Staff Coordinator
Brad Davis, Assistant Caption Head and Trumpet Instructor
Kevin Ronan, Brass Consultant/Breathing Specialist
Matt Busch, Trumpet Instructor
Adam Wolf, Mellophone Instructor
Chris McCoy, Baritone/Euphonium Instructor
Adam Goldson, Tuba Instructor
Dustin Bays, Low Brass Consultant
Dr. Andy Poor, Brass Consultant

2015 Percussion Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Pete Lucero, Caption Head
Jeremy Beck, Front Ensemble Manager
Darren Van Derpoel, Snare Instructor
Miguel Guaderrama, Tenor Instructor
Matt Walters, Bass Drum Instructor
Melannie Stakely, Bass Drum Instructor
Pablo Rodriguez, Cymbal Instructor
Dalia Berman, Front Ensemble Instructor

2015 Color Guard Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Angela Tousley, Visual Designer and Caption Head
Felcia Thorn, Lead Instructor
Mackinzi Anderson, Instructor
Brianne Risa Tomas, Instructor
Estephanie Vitela, Instructor

2015 Visual Instructional Staff | Photos and Bios
Matt Lackey, Caption Supervisor
Bill Fritz, Caption Head
Ryan Johnson, Technique Specialist and Visual Instructor
Ryan Springler, Visual Coordinator and Instructor
Garret Lopez, Visual Instructor
David Reaver, Visual Instructor
Adrian Rivas, Student Leadership Specialist and Visual Instructor
Rudy Ruiz, Visual Instructor
Neechelle Takinen, Movement Specialist and Visual Instructor
Todd Ryan, Visual Consultant