LA Seating VERY Limited – Oceanside More Seats Available

Front-side seats are limited at Corps at the Crest Los Angeles. If they are sold out when you arrive to the ticket booth, backside seats will be available for $10 each. If you haven’t purchased tickets and have the option of attending Friday night’s show at El Camino High School, we strongly encourage you to do so. There are a greater number of good seats available for that show.


Glendora Show Ticket Status on June 26
Section A – Limited (high)
Section B – VERY few (low)
Section C – SOLD OUT
Section D – VERY few (low)
Section E – Limited (high and low)

El Camino High School
Oceanside, CA

CATCSDMainOceanside Show Ticket Status on June 26 
Section A – Available
Section B – Available (lower half)
Section C – Available (lower half)
Section D – Available

NOTICE: Seating availability will change from the moment the Box Office opens – so the information provided here should only be an indicator of what is available on the date listed. Be sure to get to the Box Office as early as possible.

Oceanside Box Office opens at 3:30pm
Glendora Box Office opens at 1:30pm
Both shows start at 5:30pm

More show details are available here.