Martin Promoted to Operations Manager

Photo_MartinEdwardMarketing and Sales Coordinator Edward Martin was recently promoted to Pacific Crest’s Operations Manager. He has been with the organization since 2010.

Ed first saw the corps perform at a local winter guard show in 1995, and he’s followed Pacific Crest ever since.  He’s known simply as Eddie, and can be found working the food truck, running the merchandise booth, and coordinating volunteers.

Over the years, the growth and development of the Pacific Crest has astonished Eddie.  “There are a lot of good things that have happened over the past few years,” says Eddie.  He is proud of the organization’s sustainability, especially given the number of corps lost over the years.  “Pacific Crest has goals and a vision that isn’t associated with numbers on a judge’s sheet or winning Championships,” claims Eddie, “The idea is to improve the quality of the program without overspending.”

Eddie has also witnessed other improvements, including show design, performance excellence, communications, and an emphasis on the health and safety of members.  The corps’ on-the-field success is bolstered by its off-the-field success, which he attributes to the work of its volunteers.  “Everyone is dedicated to the health of the organization and its members.  There is nothing we do without thinking about the current, past, and future members of Pacific Crest.”

The importance of music education has been a recent topic of debate and is crucial to the drum corps activity.  Eddie believes that parents are key influencers in a child’s musical interest.  “For students to excel academically, they need their parent’s support in all aspects of their academic career, including music education,” says Eddie. “I applaud all parents who support their children’s music endeavors!”

There is a passion about Pacific Crest that is shared by Eddie, Pacific Crest’s Board, staff, volunteers, current members and alumni.  To parents considering volunteering with Pacific Crest, Eddie says, “You might be surprised how many other parents have the same pride, passion and enthusiasm about what their child is doing here.  I think the best is yet to come!”