One Week Added to Tour in 2014

We are excited to announce that our tour will be one week longer in 2014! Instead of departing in mid-July and making our way to San Antonio, Pacific Crest will depart Sunday, July 6th, for Ogden, Utah.

“The additional week of tour adds four shows to our season, including Drums Along the Rockies,” according to Executive Director Stuart Pompel. “Since 2008, we’ve slowly and deliberately expanded our season each year to meet the requests of our members, while ensuring financial stability along the way.”

Indeed, the days of a limited tour for Pacific Crest are long gone. Because of the slow and deliberate growth strategy, however, some fans still don’t realize the corps is together from mid June through the end of the season.

“Our First Tour begins when we depart for Clovis, California, on June 19,” explains Pompel. “We have one day off between our First and Second Tours on July 5th.”

Check out DCI Website to see Pacific Crest’s season.