David Reaver

Photo_ReaverDavidDavid Reaver
Visual Instructor

DAVID REAVER began playing trumpet at the age of 7. While attending Patriot High School, he performed as a trumpet soloist at Pacific Crest from 2007-2009. He went on to perform as a trumpet and flugelhorn soloist for The Blue Devils from 2010-2013, and won three consecutive solo DCI I & E titles. David also performed for five years  for The Walt Disney Company.

David’s teaching experience includes visual, music, and percussion instruction at Patriot High School, Ayala High School, and Riverside Community College. His performance and teaching experiences have provided opportunities for him to travel  across the US, as well internationally to Malaysia, Taiwan, Guatemala, the UK, and Spain.

David holds his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, with research experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence, from UC Riverside. He currently works as a mechanical and software engineer, creating simulation software for energy companies.