2014 Visual Staff Announced

Pacific Crest introduces its visual staff for the 2014 season. Caption Supervisor Matt Lackey and Caption Head Bill Fritz have put together a team of educators who care committed to the member experience at Pacific Crest, and excited to be working alongside DCI Hall of Fame member, Todd Ryan.

“The 2014 Pacific Crest visual staff includes an impressive group of veteran instructors and contemporary talent,” says Visual Caption Supervisor Matt Lackey. “It’s important to note that we are adding dance and movement training for the brass and drums, and I’m excited about this next logical step in the development of our visual program!”

Matt Lackey
Visual Caption Supervisor | BIO
Photo_FritzBill Bill Fritz
Visual Caption Head | BIO
Ryan Springler
Technique Specialist and
Visual Instructor| BIO
Photo_JohnsonRyan_Rev Ryan Johnson
Technique Specialist and
Visual Instructor | BIO
Garret Lopez
Movement Specialist and
Visual Instructor | BIO
Photo_AldrichPat Pat Aldrich
Visual Instructor | BIO
Photo_ReaverDavid David Reaver
Visual Instructor | BIO
Photo_RivasAdrian_Square Adrian Rivas
Student Leadership Specialist and
Visual Instructor | BIO
Photo_RuizRudy Rudy Ruiz
Visual Instructor | BIO
Photo_TakinenNeechelle Neechelle Takinen
Movement Specialist and
Visual Intern | BIO
Todd Ryan
Visual Consultant | BIO

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