Performer Profile: Dominic Pultz

Years at Pacific Crest:
2010, 2011, and 2012 (Contra)

Rockville, MD
Currently lives in San Diego, CA

University of San Diego (Freshman)

Older brother Anthony, 2012 Pacific Crest member

What brought you to Pacific Crest?
A student at my high school marched with Pacific Crest in 2009 and told me about the corps.

How has Pacific Crest impacted you?
Anything I set my mind to do I have the confidence to make happen, and I can thank Pacific Crest for that.  The best parts about my marching experience so far are the memories and great moments with all of the friends that I have made.  Some friends I met during my rookie year, although several years older than me, are some of the closest people in my life.

How have you applied the experience to your life outside of drum corps?
Pacific Crest has given me skills to create a successful future.  I have learned to work hard and how to achieve a seemingly impossible goal through that hard work.

Final Thought:
The performers and the staff here at Pacific Crest are the most charismatic, memorable, and intelligent people I have ever met.