2013 Production Announced


Pacific Crest is pleased to announce its 2013 production, entitled Transfixed


You’ll notice the word fix in the middle of transfixed. This kind of fix means “fasten,” as when you fix your eyes on the clock, or fix yourself on a dream that lies within your heart. When you’re transfixed by something, you’re fastened to it. Scary things can transfix, but so can beauty. The beauty of your passion; the beauty of happiness; the dream that lives in your heart. When you are transfixed on this dream, you follow your heart to the end of the road. This is the journey on which Pacific Crest will take you this summer.

When you start out on that road, you begin with a bright and positive outlook. But it’s not always an easy road. Often you run into struggles to overcome as well as the doubt in the back of your mind. But after breaking through those roadblocks, you are able to fulfill that dream on which you were once transfixed, and experience the joy and happiness that comes from that fulfillment.

With a soundtrack featuring Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato, Michael Markowski’s Instinctive Travels, and John Mackey’s Drum Music, join Pacific Crest and follow your heart on the road to finding your dream. What’s in your heart? On what are you transfixed?