Three-Way Partnership Results In a Win-Win-Win

A unique partnership was created between the Moreno Valley Unified School District, the Moreno Valley 4th of July Parade Committee, and Pacific Crest that resulted in an agreement that met the needs of all three stakeholders.

In early spring, Pacific Crest was approached by the Moreno Valley 4th of July Parade Music Sub-Committee to perform in their 4th of July Parade. The Committee, however, didn’t have the resources to compensate the corps for the performance. Meanwhile, Moreno Valley Unified School District Board Member Jesus Holguin had been trying to find ways to inspire their students to pursue the musical opportunities offered by the district.

“I asked Ed Martin, our Marketing and Sales Coordinator, to attend the Parade Committee meetings,” explained Executive Director Stuart Pompel. “One of our greatest challenges is finding rehearsal facilities during the summer, and I thought we could help both stakeholders in return for a week of rehearsals at Valley View High School.”

Martin approached the Committee with the idea, and after a number of meetings, brokered the deal on behalf of Pacific Crest. The corps performed a clinic for more than 70 band students on Tuesday, July 3. The next morning it performed in the Moreno Valley 4th of July parade, and as an added service, fed lunch to all the band performers in the parade. In return, the Moreno Valley Unified School District is allowing Pacific Crest to stay overnight and rehearse at Valley View High School through Sunday, July 8th.

“It’s rare to see stakeholders from across various agencies work together toward a common good,” said Pompel. “This is a role model for all communities and school districts!”

In addition to Ed Martin, Pacific Crest thanks, Patricia Holguin, Chair of the Moreno Valley 4th of July Parade Music Sub-Committee; Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for Moreno Valley USD; Kristen Hunter, Principal at Valley View High School; Jesus Holguin, Moreno Valley USD School Board Member; and Greg Solomon, Director of the Moreno Valley Honor Band.