San Antonio Recap and I & E

How did PC do in San Antonio? Visual Analysis, 14th place. Visual Effect and Color Guard took 16th, Visual Proficiency and Music Analysis 17th, and both Music Effect and Brass 18th. Percussion was 19th. Overall placement at San Antonio was 18th.

Pacific Crest performers at DCI’s Individual and Ensemble Competition:

10:18- Stephanie sofield (flute)
10:18- Josh Scrivens (snare)
10:24- Geraldo Hernandez (baritone)
10:24- Yosuke shimosato (snare)
10:48- Rebecca Goolsby (flag)

11:20- Brass ensemble 2 (Sergio Mendez, Aaron montalvo, Eddie Gonzalez, Anthony pultz, Michael olmos)

11:28- Brass ensemble 1 (Alex Moore, Zach voth, taylor mathewson, nathaneal Becerra, Ryan Collins, Sean eckley, Arnie jara, tim ressler, Rick kodani, Chauncey Hicks)

12:00- Arturo Castro Jr. (Auxiliary)
12:06- Victoria Schmitz (auxiliary)
12:34- PC flag ensemble (Katie fundora, Josh Collins)