Moving On

While it may seem bittersweet that so many talent young men and women have moved on with a number of other organizations, the Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps would like to take a moment and wish our members from years past a fun, safe and wonderful experience wherever the drum corps experience has taken them in 2012.  We will miss each and every one at PC and would like you to remember that we will leave the porch light on for you when you want to come home.  We will see you all on the road.

Blue Devils

Azmi Baltagi

Derrick Galvin

Henry Gillard

Griselda Gonzales

Jay Fuentes

Marcus Stone

Nicole Sosa

Ted Chang


Blue Stars

Robyn Kamp



Andrew Maloney



Rebecca Conover



Alex Dale

Conrad Zimmer

Shane Green

William Clayton
Madison Scouts

Jonathan Probst


Phantom Regiment

Emily Probst

Santa Clara Vanguard

Brendan Ristau

Darcy Hay

Gabriel Becerra

James Gearhart

Jenny Lyons

Mackinzi Anderson

Richie Rodriguez

Stephanie Vitela