What is Pacific Crest?

Who We Are
Pacific Crest is Southern California’s World Class corps. Our performers are among the best in the world at what they do and demand intense experiences and competition. They join Pacific Crest to travel 12,000 miles and perform for 100,000 fans in some of the world’s most famous stadiums.

Design and Excellence
We are recognized for our blend of musical and visual artistry. Hailing from the ranks of Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, The Cadets, Cavaliers, Fantasia, and Blast! our designers share decades of performance, design, and teaching experience. These people are serious about their work!

The Season
Monthly training camps through the winter and spring lead to an eight-week season that will change your life! We compete with the best corps in the world and travel across the country. Fans watch our performances online through live steaming events and downloaded video. We’re also spotlighted in DCI’s cinema event in theaters throughout North America.

At Pacific Crest, you’ll build lifelong friendships with performers from over 70 cities and 100 colleges, universities and high schools. As an alum, you’ll be welcomed by 1,000 brothers and sisters who have come before you. Your Facebook page will never be the same!

Make Your Own Story
Hear directly from our members about the Pacific Crest experience. Join PC, and make your OWN story!


Make Your Own Story:
Alex Dale, Mellophone
Make Your Own Story:
Katie Fundora, Color Guard
 Make Your Own Story:
Ryland Schell, Snare