The December Camps

The December camps consist of our Experience Camp and our Audition Weekend.

The first weekend is our Experience Camp where you’ll get your first experience of Pacific Crest by participating in two full days of rehearsal. Weekend two is our Audition Weekend, and a continuation of the Experience Camp. The weekend culminates with a show-and-tell performance of the exercises and music learned during the four days. The staff also begins to select the members of the corps during the Audition Weekend.

These camp days are a great opportunity to meet others who share your interest in drum corps; meet the veteran members of the corps; get to know our administrative and instructional staff; learn warm-ups, technique exercises, and even some of the show music! The format of the camps is sequential, from the first through the fourth day, so you’ll want to attend both if you can.

Where are the camps held?

Our camps from December through June take place at Diamond Bar High School, 21400 E. Pathfinder Rd., Diamond Bar, California, 91765. Click here for a map and to get driving directions.

What’s the housing and meal situation in December?

The December camps are NOT stay-over camps. They start at 9 AM and end at 6 PM each day. As for meals, the corps will serve you lunch all four days, so there’s no need to bring food or money for lunch. If you’re traveling from a distance, we encourage you to stay at one of the local Diamond Bar hotels — Holiday Inn Select, Ayres Suites, or Shilo Inn. The surrounding cities of Brea, Walnut, and Fullerton also have a quality accommodations for Saturday night.

What if I’m not sure about PC?

No worries. the December camps are a great way to challenge yourself and meet new friends who share your passion for performance excellence. In fact, we “staff up” to ensure that every performer walks away a better performer. Use these camps to check us out, and if you decide PC isn’t for you, you’ll at least have had four amazing days of instruction.

What if I’m in the Tournament of Roses Honor Band and can’t attend the December camps?

Each year we have students who can’t attend our December camps our audition weekend because of the Rose Parade Honor Band. If this is your situation, we ask that you to provide a video audition to us. Please send an email so we can give you the details about this process. You’re first camp will be our January camp.

What do I need to bring to the camps?

  • For brass and percussion:
    • Wear athletic clothes — such as shorts, track pants, light t-shirt, and closed athletic shoes. No jeans!
    • Bring a hat (to protect you from the sun) and sunglasses
    • An instrument, if possible (yours or one borrowed from your school)
    • Necessary equipment (sticks, mallets, mouthpiece, gloves, etc.)
    • 3-ring binder with 10 page protectors
  • For color guard:
    • Dance/movement shoes, outdoor shoes, dance clothing (Should be form-fitting. Black preferable)
    • Equipment (flag, saber, rifle, gloves)
  • For everyone:
    • A towel
    • Sweatshirt or jacket (the weather could get chilly)
    • Sunscreen & lip balm (do not use a petroleum-based balm)
    • Water (1/2 to 1 gallon of water)

I’m ready to register. Now what?

Click here for information about the application and audition process. You’ll also learn how to complete the online application and pay your registration and camp fees.