Creative Team Announces the 2012 Program

Pacific Crest’s The Spectrum will take you on an adventure through color and personality. Every individual has many sides to who they are, and PC explores these using music and color.  What color is quirky?  What color is somber?  What color is whimsical? What color is serious?  As musical colors are explored, we find the combination creates The Spectrum of one’s complete personality. The Spectrum will provide the audience a tour through their own traits, creating a portrait of one’s true self: one’s true colors.

Musical selections may include Bright Colored Dances (Lewis J. Buckley), The Red Machine (Peter Graham), Colours (Roger Cichy), True Colors (made popular by Cindy Lauper), plus a few more.  Come join Pacific Crest on our Summer journey through The Spectrum! It’s all about you.